Maria Larkman art

New artwork in Leva & Bo Gallery, Cherry Blossom – Pink Love

”Cherry Blossom - Pink Love” NEW ARTWORK in Leva & Bo Gallery

- Enjoy what's beautiful – The Lacollage® "Cherry Blossom – Pink Love" celebrate Spring, Hope and Longing. - To long for something that you know 100 percent will happen is a safe and good feeling. It is known that spring is on its way and that the Cherry Blossoms will bloom. You will never be disappointed.
- "Cherry blossom – Pink love" is also about to be taken care of to enjoy the short moment the flowers bloom. Life is short, enjoy what is beautiful.

Maria Larkmans art is about love, passion and desire.

Inspired by movies, music and theatre she creates dreamlike artwork. Layer on layer she creates depth in the art where you can find secret messages.

Lacollage® is a mixed technique between photo, painting and varnish on canvas.

The Figurine Re-Make artproject

A three year long project where Maria has brought lost valued figurines from Feira Da Ladra, Lisboas fleemarket. She gives the figurine a Re-Make of Lisboas urban enviroment with photography of the tiles. The lost valued figurines gets a second chance and a up-lifted value in the gallery. They have made the journey in a positive direction.

Art exhibitions has been frekvent in Sweden and in Helsinki, Finland, Oslo Norway, Perth, Melbourne Australia, Stuttgart Germany and Miami US.

Studio at Mosebacke torg in Stockholm. Member of Mosebacke Design District. 

If you are interested in buying art or order a special painting contact mail below. 
(Reservation, the original painting shown could be sold.)